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Solar Energy is the solution and with government rebates available now is the right time.

About Us


SolarEnergyVictoria.com.au is the residential arm of Viridor, www.viridor.com.au.

For well over a decade, Viridor has been providing energy analysis and energy cost cutting services to the Australian business community. Viridor staff have performed energy cost reviews and procurement processes for over 1,000 companies.

With residential power costs at an all time high, the time is right to now start helping Australian families with their energy bills.

The biggest impact on the family electricity bill is solar energy so let SolarEnergyVictoria.com.au advise you on the best solar deal for your families needs.

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You will get a real person to talk to. We will arrange to come to your home at a time that suits you and fill you in on everything you need to know on how to slash you bills, add value to your home and help the environment. It’s a no brainer!

Our Product

Phono Solar Panels.

The next generation of solar starts here.

Phono solar use of Hyperion Diamond technology has changed the DNA of solar cells through Nano Structure Rebuilding “The next generation of solar is here”

As a Fortune Global 500 company Phono Solar adheres to the highest standards of quality, has rigorous quality control processes, and strives to consistently deliver high quality panels at their state of the art facilities.

Fronius Primo Inverters

Delivering quality to Australian homes.

The goal is to provide customers with the most cutting edge inverter technology available in today’s market place. Delivering quality to Australian homes.

Who we are

We’re a small team, but one with 40 years of energy industry experience.

We are up front, honest and dedicated to educate you and help you choose the right solar system for your family and home.

What we do

We only represent tried and tested suppliers who come up to our standards. Using Tier 1 products, and in-house installers. NO subcontractors. Companies that offer solid guarantees and service. Who stand by their word and really care about providing a safe and efficient solar system. In this industry you get what you pay for. Are you willing to risk your home with substandard equipment. Don’t be fooled by self serving sales companies who jump on the rebate cash train and don’t care about you.

What is our criteria?

Companies that offer solid guarantees and service.

Companies that use commercial grade wiring, switches and racking.

Companies that use their own installers

We’ve got great energy!

We will teach you the positives and help you avoid the negatives…


  • How solar energy will drastically reduce your electricity bill
  • How much money you will be putting back into your pocket
  • How the federal and state rebates work…there’s never been a better time to install a solar system
  • How a solar system should be installed
  • How solar analytics will help you manage your electricity usage and spend
  • How solar future proofs you against energy increases
  • Why solar adds value to your property
  • Why you only get one chance to do solar properly

The benefits of a residential solar installation can be increased even further with battery storage systems, which can effectively eliminate all your ongoing electricity costs.


We’d be thrilled to tell you more about solar power and its many benefits for homeowners like you. Call us on 1300 951 282 to schedule a consultation with one of our team members.


What makes a solid, safe solar power system? Is it the obvious components, such as the panels and the inverter, or is it the other stitching that holds the system together?   The parts that allow the system to operate safely and efficiently.


Here, we think the answer is ‘both.’ Our focus on residential solar installation gives time and attention to panels and inverters. However, we also take the time to make sure every electrical component is in place and ready to stand the test of time.   Aspects such as superior circuit breakers, stainless steel trimmings, cyclone grade panel racking and IP67 safety switches are what makes the difference between a system that fails after a few years and one that lasts through 40+ years of beating sun, pounding rain and other extreme elements.You will get a residential solar installation where every single piece has been carefully considered. The result is an investment that will be bulletproof for many years to come. Take the time to choose the right system for your home.

With us, switching to solar is simple.


We assess your needs, design a tailor made solution that includes your customized renewable needs, budget and proposed site.

2. Agreement

We find a payment method that suits you. We enter into an agreement and get you on your way to being grid connected.

3. Installation

We install your system. Depending on the size and configuration, this should take about one day.

4. Inspection

We organise an independent government accredited inspector to check your system so that it can be connected to the grid.

5. Connection

We connect you to the grid.
Your solar power is activated and energy control is yours.

Who we use for Installation of your Solar System

We are ahead of the game by using 100% in house installation teams.

In an industry where contracting out installations to third party groups is common ground, problems arise and accountability is poor.  As we run our own tight ship we make sure we are accountable for all our work and give you a 10 year guarantee on our design and workmanship.  If we make a mistake we are there to foot the bill and correct it.

Installation crews do not cut corners and have a minimum dedicated schedule for each and every installation, meaning the teams work with precision to ensure Installation is performed at the highest calibre possible.

Our team of Master electricians have been Installing solar PV for over 10 years. The knowledge and level of precision and care leaves our customers with a peace of mind for years to come.

Our integrity gives you peace of mind.  No Call Out Charges, Parts or Labour for 10 Years – we make sure all of our Installation are setup to last the distance. This is a direct reflection of our teams knowing the exact quality of electrical components that go into each and every system.


Power Protection Guarantee

The PPG is in place to show you that we trust our price projections. We will guarantee your quarterly billing for 10 years. Paying the difference if we are wrong. Let us explain this amazing guarantee in person.

Residential Solar Installation

Choosing the right solar installer is hard. Who do you trust? In an industry of no so reliable traders we will make sure you feel secure in your choice. You will get a 10 year design and workmanship guarantee. No call out charges or hourly rates. Should your system need attention, it is on us, not you, to take care of it.


The Government is handing out Federal and State rebates to encourage you to instal solar.  Giving you more control over your bills and cutting carbon emissions.  Now is the time, make sure you take advantage of these.  Contact us to see if you are eligible and to see what is currently available.  

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